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I enjoy working things out in my head, writing down my thoughts and organizing the words so they make sense in a really cool way. You might call that a writer. You’d be right.

I used to get paid to write for The Post-Standard, a newspaper in Syracuse, NY. I also used to edit other writers and design the pages where their stories went. I loved it.

Let me ask you something. Did you read the paper this morning?

So, I left The P-S after 14 years and enrolled in art school at Oswego State, which was down the street from my house. It was a lovely walk, even on icy mornings, and there were many.

I actually lost 13 pounds during that year. But more important, I learned how to make websites like this one, using not only Adobe Creative Suite, but the most important tools a graphic designer owns: my eyes, my head and my heart.

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I apply my skills and experience for Martha O'Bryan Center, a family resource center right in the middle of Nashville's largest, oldest and poorest public housing development. I am the webmaster, graphic designer, photographer, videographer, social media manager, public relations manager and copy writer.

I like to say I wear many hats. Sometimes, a cape.


Another chance

Command-Z, the handy "undo" keyboard shortcut, is my friend. During my 15 years in the newspaper business as a reporter, copy editor and page designer, I used Command-Z quite often.

I like to think of my time at SUNY Oswego as a big, life-changing Command-Z. I've learned from great teachers, some of whom were students along with me.

Click below to see some of what I learned at Oswego and what I've done in Nashville. It's not my best work, not by far. That's yet to come.

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